Radio Listener’s Respond


Priya – “I believe girls should always remain very careful. Secondly, they should never treat themselves like second grade. They should avoid going out after dark. And if girls must go out, they should not venture out alone. We must always keep the helpline numbers that government has released so we can ask for help.”

Firoz Tahir – “We should not stop girls from going out but should train them in self defence. I always motivate and guide my sister and cousins and we all listen to your program.”

Mohammad Ayub – “We should give confidence to our daughters that they are no less than boys. We can do this in our families as you said in the program.”

Listener – “Because of the increasing crimes against women, it would be foolish to send daughters and sisters out alone.”

Pankaj Kumar Jha – “Due to poverty there are many parents who themselves push their children into child labour. I have talked to many such children and they are reluctant to speak against or complain against their parents. We all should stand against this evil in our society.”

Listener – “We should not put fear in the hearts of girls but we should make such a secure environment in our society that they feel safe. Also, they should come home and tell the truth about what they are doing and where they are going. Then the family can help them be safe.”

Shivam Misra – “I think in every village and city there should be a building where such children can be fed, supported and educated. They are the future of the country. We should counsel and help them.”

Listener – “I live in Kanpur. Thank you for your advice through your program. I share with my elder sister and she guides me and keeps me safe.”