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  • Children are sold into slavery as part of a religious tradition. Daughters are offered to temples as a gift. As young as eight or nine years old, these girls are used by priests for their sexual pleasure. When they are older, they are sold into brothels.
  • 20,000 girls vanish each year and end up in the sex trade.
  • The country is also home to a trafficking trade that involves an astonishing 100 million people – 10 per cent of the population.
  • An estimated total of 1.2 million children are being trafficked in India today!
  • Sexual exploitation through sex tourism, child sex tourism, pedophilia and prostitution in India are on the increase.


Disha foundation has a big heart for prevention of trafficking, and hence the various projects for girls’ education and vocational skill training for women are being run across the country. The following programs are being aired from All India Radio for prevention of trafficking:

Baat Pate Ki – A weekly Hindi  program for children that speaks to the children and parents on how to be wise and protected from being trafficked.
Born2fly – A Hindi program that teaches the importance of waiting and being wise and not falling into the trap of the traffickers.
Aashar Alo – A ray of hope relaying real life stories of girls who have been cheated into trafficking.

After care of rescued women from trafficking

On the ground, in Kolkota, follow up is being done and more and more listeners are being engaged in the battle against traffickers.
Also, special retreats for CARE givers and rescued girls are being organised on a regular basis.